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The future Maybach model will be launched in 2014

While Dieter Zetsche said that anything is possible in the future of the Maybach brand, it seems that  the German car manufacturer is preparing a new generation of Maybach. This time, the Stuttgart manufacturer will not use an older platform  like S-Class (for the first 57 and 62 models was used the W140 platform), but it will be based directly to W222, the platform of the future S-Class. This generation of S-Class will be launched in 2013, while the new Maybach will debut in 2014.

According to the British from Autocar, the new generation of the luxury model will have a new chance at life after a series of reviews of the first generation have shown a real interest in the new generation. Meanwhile, the Daimler engineers have acknowledged that the use of the W140 platform for Maybach was a mistake, and made the upgrade of the navigation systems and the safety control extremely difficult, costly or impossible due to the electronic systems from 1990 that were taken directly from the S-Class.

The future Maybach will benefit from the new Magic Ride system from Mercedes Benz. Thanks to this suspension system, the German luxury model will provide an exceptional roadholding with a level of comfort equivalent to that of Rolls-Royce Phantom. The new generation of the Phantom will debut in 2016, so Maybach would have a chance to attract some extra customers during the two years before the Phantom launch.

Maybach future models

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